Popsicle Cart Rental

Los angeles, orange county & san diego.

Popsicle Cart Rental in Los Angeles, Orange County & SoCal

Hey SoCal fun lovers, want to hire a popsicle cart for a wedding, party, or corporate event?  The Beach Town Pops team is here to help, with our popsicle cart rental service. But before we talk about that, it’s come to our notice that some of you are still hung up on our frozen treats’ arch nemesis...

Were You Searching for Ice Cream Cart Rental Los Angeles?

Yep – it seems many people find us that way, but if you’re fixating on an ice cream cart, let’s stop to think of all that gloopy, creamy mess melting in the SoCal heat… Is that really how you want your event to be remembered? We think not!

Our LA popsicle cart hire offers a lighter, more refreshing alternative that guarantees* your guests will have more fun in the sun.

*OK, so ‘guarantees’ is a little strong – but we do like the odds ;)

How can we be so confident? Because the Beach Town Pops team is established among the best dessert caterers in Los Angeles and the SoCal area. Our chilly treats have added extra zest to everything from San Diego weddings to celeb-filled LA parties and big Silicon Beach corporate events. (Swanky – huh?)

Popsicle Cart Catering LA

We think the best Los Angeles popsicle cart rental service should be about more than just chilly treats – it should include a full popsicle cart catering experience. And that’s why our service covers:

  • The popsicle cart itself

  • A professional Beach Town Pops server (in a super-cute uniform!)

  • Dry ice and an umbrella to keep things cool

  • A menu board

  • A minimum 2hr serve time

  • Travel time to your pre-agreed destination

  • Oh, and we should probably mention the popsicles too (in quantities and flavors of your choice)

  • Want to up the ante? For a totally unique experience, we can:

  • Add your branding to our popsicle cart

  • Wear your branded clothing

And supply custom branded popsicles

Service with a Smile

Even though our ice pops are notoriously frosty, our friendly servers will always give your guests a warm welcome.

But hey, if you just plain don’t want us at your party, then our drop-off service might be a better fit. This way, we’ll deliver your pops and dry ice in a cooler, ready for your guests to help themselves – then we’ll go home and cry.

Let’s Chat

We can’t wait to cater your wedding, event, or party – but it’s down to you to make the first move, so contact us today to get started!