Custom Branded Popsicles – Marketing Campaigns Just Got Cooler.


Here at Beach Town Pops, we can supply you with custom branded popsicles – the perfect addition to any experiential marketing campaign, and the coolest way to build brand awareness.

A Popsicle Promotion!

If you’re exhibiting at a trade fair or expo then attracting attention to your stand is a big must. Lucky for you, our gourmet popsicles are a proven crowd-pleaser! We know from experience the kind of reception these frozen delights get, and we’re happy to put them to work to promote your business...

  • Perfect for trade shows, fundraisers, exhibitions, markets, and public events of all kinds


Custom Branded Packaging

Your Company name & logo

How it Works

  • Our gourmet popsicles can be custom branded with your business’ name, logo, or any message/image you need.

  • We can add your branding to the packaging, to the stick, or to both – it’s your choice :)

  • We’re happy to work directly with any business, or with experiential marketing agencies.

  • We can ship our popsicles with dry ice for use at events anywhere in the US. In the past, our frosty treats have delighted festival goers at a major fashion label’s exhibit at the South by South West Music Festival in Texas (SXSW), as well as at Coachella and Lollapalooza.

  • It all starts when you contact us - we can discuss the flavors, order quantities, and branding options available.

Melt-in-the-Mouth Brand Activation.

Do you want to engage directly with your customers, and make sure they remember your business for all the right reasons?

Our gourmet ice pops create a never to be forgotten moment of frozen culinary bliss… We’ve developed a unique range of flavors using organic, cold pressed, gluten free ingredients, such as fresh fruits, cream, and agave. And, we even have the option of devilishly delicious boozy popsicles (adults only – of course!)

Los Angeles Popsicle Cart Rental

If you need help getting noticed at an event in the Los Angeles area, then we can provide you with everything you need to make a big splash. Not only will we deliver your made-to-order popsicles, but our friendly team can come along to serve your guests.

We’ll even come fully-equipped with a popsicle cart to keep everything cool in the hot SoCal sun. And, just in case you’re worried your message isn’t getting through, our cart can be branded with your name or logo too…


Custom Branded Cart

created with your company colors & logo

Let’s Get Started!

Contact our team of popsicle professionals today to learn how we can help add a delicious twist your business’ branding or marketing campaigns. :)