Beach Town Pops

Ashley Adamczyk

A Gourmet Freeze Pop Entrepreneur


From Desert Island to Frozen Dessert Catering in L.A.


Hey, I’m Ashley Adamczyk - a passionate connoisseur of popsicles and the founder/owner of Beach Town Pops :)


We create cold pressed, organic, original-recipe popsicles. And we share them with the good people of Southern California by catering weddings, parties, and corporate events in LA, San Diego, and nearby areas. We also produce custom branded popsicles – the perfect addition to any business’ experiential marketing campaigns.


A Gourmet Approach to Popsicles!


Do you like popsicles?


Here at Beach Town Pops we love popsicles – but we also believe they don’t get the respect they’re due!


Your average popsicle is little more than a frozen lump of wasted potential, made from cheap artificial ingredients, all thrown together by machines in a big factory that belches sulphurous poison into the atmosphere (or so we imagine!) The whole horrible process robs these little guys of the sumptuous flavor and wholesome goodness they deserve.


Luckily, we’re on a mission to put things right! By working with organic, cold pressed, gluten-free ingredients, we create a very different kind of popsicle – a gourmet popsicle beloved the world over by connoisseurs of these chilly treats.


And we’re passionate about sharing their frosty deliciousness with the good people of LA – and beyond.


How it all Began...


My own popsicle journey started way back in 2011. I was working with the TV show ‘Survivor’ - being based on a tropical island, the weather was hot and popsicles seemed like a perfect treat…

But the grocery store nearby was out of stock, so I decided to try making my own…


In those early days the results could be a little ‘mixed’, but I honed my craft by following instructional videos online. My interest spiraled into a delicious obsession, and I was constantly experimenting – using new and better ingredients, moving away from existing recipes and creating unique blends all of my own…


‘’I’ll admit it – I was hooked!’’


Soon I was back in the US, proudly serving my creations to friends and family. At this point my sister suggested that I could start a popsicle business. It was an intoxicating idea, and I’d always dreamed of being an entrepreneur - but without funds I had to start out tiny, selling at farmers’ markets and catering gigs. But wherever I went, the feedback was amazing - and I started to believe that this was something I could take further…


The Birth of Beach Town Pops


A big step for me was moving from Chicago to LA. The sunny SoCal climate has been a huge help in turning my tiny side project into a fast growing party, wedding, and corporate event catering business. It wasn’t always easy, but I’ve climbed the ladder step by step, from farmers’ markets, to local delis, to regularly working with celebrities in LA. :)


These days I have a small team, and we’re all passionate about inventing and handcrafting gourmet popsicles, and sharing them at the amazing range of events and weddings we cater! Most of my team are young – often still at college, and I'm proud of the fact that something which started so small now gives opportunities to others.


‘’Beach Town Pops is more than just a job to me – it’s a dream come true!’’


What can We Do for You?


Do you want Beach Town Pops to cater your wedding/party, or corporate event? Or how about giving an ice cool edge to your experiential marketing campaigns with our private label popsicles?


Why not contact us today to see what we can do for you?


"We had Beach Town Pops cater our wedding at The Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades. The alcoholic freeze pops were amazing! I was so impressed with the set up and presentation. These were the best pops we have ever had! They were shockingly fresh! Great for a beach wedding! I would highly recommend!"

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