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Beach Town Pops is your premier place to go for delicious gourmet popsicles and alcoholic desserts in the Santa Monica, CA and Los Angeles County areas. Our fancy ice cream cart carries popsicles, freeze pops, desserts, wedding treats, gourmet desserts, party desserts, ice cream, and more. We have the skill and experience to be your go-to wedding dessert catering or corporate catering company. We love serving our tasty food truck desserts to all of our customers in the LA area. 

With over 3 years of experience, our company is dedicated to providing exceptional dessert catering and supplying all of our customers with delicious gourmet popsicles. We have kid-friendly ice cream as well as serve alcoholic desserts to our customers of age. Whether you're seeking wedding ice cream treats or ice cream for your film crew on set, we can do it all. If you want one of our ice cream carts at your next event, please contact Beach Town Pops today!

If you are interested in creating a fun new job experience or becoming your own boss contact us now at #(415) 488-1421. 


Beach Town Pops is a Gourmet Popsicle Company in Santa Monica, CA

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Gourmet Desserts


Here at Beach Town Pops, we are passionate about serving desserts that are not only delicious but healthy as well. We use power food ingredients that are gourmet, fresh, organic,

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Dessert Catering


Dessert is always good, but what makes it even better is having it catered to your events. We'll show up with our ice cream cart and be ready to serve our

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Alcoholic Desserts


For our customers that are of age, Beach Town Pops additionally serves delectable alcoholic desserts. Whether you're looking for Prosecco pops or Sauvignonblancsicles, we can make it happen. Our

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