Top Wedding Venues in Los Angeles That Allow Bring Your Own Catering

Weddings are beautiful. They represent the union of two souls who love and respect each other and want to spend the rest of their life together. It is a celebration of love that brings joy to the lives of family and friends too. Weddings make people happy.

And to make sure that yours is one for the books, you must get every single detail right, especially the venue.

A venue can make or break your wedding. It’s the venue that will decide how your wedding goes.

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Okay, back to the wedding venues! :-)

Here are the top bring your own catering venues in Los Angeles. It’s your wedding, and I know you want to make it perfect as well as budget friendly.

Let’s dive right in and find your perfect venue then. Shall we?

Westlake Yacht Club

With the Santa Monica Mountains in the backdrop, this stunning, open-space wedding venue is right out of a fairytale. The 125-acre lake that is home to the Westlake Yacht Club characterizes this beautiful venue. Sitting in the serene neighborhood of the Westlake Village, this is one of the best wedding venues that allow BYOB. 

This picturesque venue has been in operation since 1969 and is only half an hour away from Los Angeles. So, if you are looking for a mix of elegance and beauty, then this is your dream wedding venue.

Taglyan Cultural Complex

Taglyan Cultural Complex is a popular destination for lavish weddings. The venue has a sophisticated audio-visual setup in place, so you can create the ambiance you want and style your wedding to the minutest detail. Located at the intersection of Vine and Hollywood, this is among the best wedding venues that allow outside catering in Los Angeles.


This venue in downtown Los Angeles used to be a warehouse and a livery before reinventing itself into a wedding venue. And a spectacular one at that. The place is big enough for a 175-guest indoor wedding and can also hold a memorable garden ceremony. It wants its guests to have their dream wedding and allowing outdoor caterers is very much a part of that.

The Houdini Estate

Just like its namesake, the Houdini Estate is unique and exceptional. The 5-acre property is located in the heart of the upscale Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. The classic architecture of the venue combined with the stunning flowers and gardens make it look magical. And it is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. This is the wedding venue that has it all including the option of self-catering.

Saddlerock Ranch

Do you want a picture-perfect wedding? How does a 1000-acre privately owned estate in Malibu sound? Saddlerock Ranch is just that. The ranch has acres of fruit orchards, vineyards, and horses grazing around the property. Imagine getting married at such a delightful venue. What makes it even more amazing is the fact that it allows couples to throw a wedding feast they love by allowing outside catering. Saddlerock Ranch is the venue of your dreams.

Le Sangreal

Le Sangreal will transport you to another world – a peaceful, laidback and relaxed one. If you want a wedding in such a fairytale world, then this right here is your opportunity. Enjoy the Malibu views, take in the fresh air, and get the catering of your choice. Le Sangreal is the missing piece that will make your wedding memorable.

Grass Room

They take the ‘grass’ in their name seriously. The building was built in the 1920s and has now been refurbished into a green oasis tucked away in downtown Los Angeles. This gem of a venue feels like a secret space that has been waiting to get you married. The perfectly maintained 6000 square foot facility makes use of the ocean breeze and sunshine in Los Angeles to create an energy efficient space. The fact that it is one of the wedding self catering venues just makes it perfect.

Flora Chang

This an exquisite wedding venue from Los Angeles that is fit for a casual, intimate, and romantic wedding that you always wanted. The place is cozy and eclectic which will give your wedding one of the most interesting vibes that will set yours apart from any of the weddings you have ever been to. It also allows couples to get their own caterers for the big day and celebrate their day of love their way.

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens offers a unique experience to its guests with its green backdrop, an open ambiance, and a huge wedding hall that can accommodate up to 200 guests. As if that wasn’t enough, it also offers animal encounters which will make your wedding an incredible experience for most. And guess what? You can also order your choice of catering service to host the wedding. If that’s not dreamy, then what is?


Think BYO catering in Los Angeles, think Valentine! 

Situated in the heart of East Los Angeles, the venue is easily accessible for your guests. When they finally arrive, the BYO option makes sure that they get what they love and not a pre-determined impersonal menu at your dream wedding.

The expansive space leaves an empty canvas for your wedding dreams to fill in. What if you want popsicles at your venue? You can make the arrangements to get it at this venue.


The venue located in South La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles is a hot favorite among the city folks for a wedding venue. The expansive 6500 sq.foot is entirely solar-powered and is decorated with vintage furnishings to create an ambiance like none other. What adds to the appeal of this Culver City landmark is the fact that it is also one of the bring your own catering wedding venues. So, couples can choose the caterer for the wedding, bring them to the venue, and have the perfect wedding they always wanted.

DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles Downtown

If flawless is your style, then the DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles Downtown is the venue for you. 

Located in South Los Angeles Street, this venue works brilliantly for a small intimate affair as much as it does for an elaborate wedding. The brand name of Hilton also means that you only get the best service experience. The accessible venue within the city makes the deal even sweeter by working in the flexibility of hiring your caterer for the wedding. It makes sure that all your wedding dreams come true.

Carondelet House

An Italian villa built in 1928, this stunning property sits just a mile away from Downtown, LA. The exposed bricks give it a warm ambiance while the high ceilings and the big rooms give to make it spacious. The venue has fireplaces, outdoor courtyards, and an exceptional bridal suite. It also allows outside catering too. The historic venue is one of the most picturesque venues with so much character that you can find in Los Angeles.

The Unique Space

On the East side of Los Angeles in the Arts District is an incredible space for weddings that is distinctly different. The high ceilings, colorful walls, a spacious terrace, and wooden floors make The Unique Space. You can also bring your own caterer to the wedding, which allows you to make your wedding even more unique. Whether you want a Popsicle stand at your wedding or a frozen yogurt bar or something that makes your wedding memorable, The Unique Space can deliver.

Franklin Canyon Park

In the upscale neighborhood of Beverley Hills, Franklin Canyon Park offers you a great venue to hold your wedding. This is an oasis in the middle of the bustle of the city. Whether you are looking for an excellent indoor space or an open-air venue for your wedding, Franklin Canyon Park can offer you both. It also permits BYO catering. So, no matter what kind of wedding you want to have, you can hold it at the Franklin Canyon Park.

Alexandria Ballrooms

The historic building in Downtown Los Angeles can be a stepping stone to your marriage. The iconic Alexandria Ballrooms was established in 1906. It has hosted Hollywood celebrities, international dignitaries and even the President of the United States. The massive chandeliers, the distinctive history, and the beautiful décor will give your wedding a classy charm that cannot be expressed in words. The best part? You can get the catering you want.

MountainGate Country Club

Located in the blissfully peaceful MountainGate Drive, the MountainGate Country Club is tucked away at the top of a hill. You can hold the wedding indoors with 250 guests or outdoors with 350 guests in the expansive grounds with a majestic view of the Santa Monica Mountains. With its proximity to the Valley and Beverley Hills, your guests will find it easy to reach here. The wedding venue allows BYO catering to serve the guests. So, you can have whatever you like – from a kebab stand to an ice cream stall – at your wedding.

Found your dream wedding venue yet?

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