Popsicles are at the heart of our experiential activation ideas

Has your brand activation strategy been lacking? 

No matter if you are working with a highly tailored sponsorship package or are working with a small activation budget, Beach Town Pops has you covered. From our unique flavors to corporate branded dessert ideas we can work with you to create your own mock up examples of brand activation.

These gourmet popsicles are cold pressed, organic and gluten free. Gourmet dessert flavors are included, but are not limited to Chocolate and alcohol, wine ice pops & alcohol and ice cream made in classic popsicle molds. Private labeling is included with popsicles on a stick or freeze pops in a tube. 

One of our best fashion brand activation ideas was at the SXSW (South by Southwest Music Festival) where we worked with a major fashion label to bring their booth to life. 


Let's get creative with your experiential activation ideas, event sponsorship booth activation and in store activation.



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