The Beach Town Pops Blog

Hey popsicle lovers… Ashley here!

First up, a big, but not too warm, welcome to my new popsicle blog...

I wanted a place to connect with fans of the finest frozen delights, and share some (occasionally shocking) secrets from the little-known world of being a #girlboss in the artisian popsicle production world!

Just something me and my team have whipped up.

Just something me and my team have whipped up.

Who are You and Why Would I Read Your Blog?

In case you don’t know me already (some people don’t – apparently), I’m the founder/owner of Beach Town Pops – we’re LA’s best (and most modest) producer of handcrafted, cold pressed, organic, artisan gourmet popsicles.

I’m passionate about running businesses and creating passive income.

My start in the popsicle world has been absolutely crazy.

From catering to celebs on the reg’ to working with big name tech companies like Google, Snapchat & Netflix, as well as to the masses at Coachella.

It’s all been a riot and I can’t wait to share it here.

We’re passionate about sharing our frosty treats with the world. We do that by catering Los Angeles weddings, private parties, and corporate events, as well as working at expos and trade fairs to help businesses with their marketing…

This blog is all about 2 things:

1) Showing how much fun we have catering – and showing you how we can make your private/corporate event extra special too! (We’ll be looking at ideas for party themes, locations, and (obviously!) suggesting the best popsicles and frozen accompaniments for each event!)

2) I’m launching ‘The Popsicle Project’! (Yes, it’s so important I capitalize it!) The Popsicle Project is my devilishly delicious scheme to help businesses boost their experiential marketing campaigns with a big dose of popsicle power! (Check out our marketing and custom branded popsicle options - we ship nationwide!)

As to why you’d read our blog, I can think of four reasons:

1) A behind the scenes look at what it’s like being a serial #GirlBoss entrepreneur.

2) Occasional super simple recipes!

3) You want to check out what we do, and see if we can cater your Los Angeles wedding/party, or corporate event!

4) You’re interested in our custom branded popsicles and wanted to see how we can help with your marketing campaigns!

Have We Catered Your Event?

If you’re happy for us to, we’d love to talk about it (and maybe even share some pics) right here on the Beach Town Pops blog!

It doesn’t matter whether we’ve catered your Bel Air wedding, Malibu beach party, or a big corporate event in downtown Los Angeles, just get in touch to let us know how you liked the Beach Town Pops experience, and we’ll share some of the fun on our blog!

Come Back Soon!

Don’t forget to check in, find out what we’re up to, and learn about the ways we’re making your Santa Monica weddings extra magical, helping parties go with a pop, and helping businesses to boost their brand!

See you soon,




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